It is one of the most recognized African-American spirituals. Revered, emotive, and rooted in the horrors of US slavery and the oppression of race. But for the last three decades, the familiar melody of "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" has also been the adopted anthem of England's rugby.

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Launched over 75 years ago and with hundreds of titles covering subjects as diverse as beekeeping and modern history, yoga during pregnancy and basic DIY, Teach Yourself books offer accessible, practical guides for self-study, whatever your interest. Suitable both for those just considering the prospect and those who are already fascinated beekeepers, this guide to setting up, maintaining and maximizing bees in the back garden is an indispensable and readable bible of information and practical advice.

It covers everything from bee behaviour to what to do with honey, and balances all the background context on bee biology with the day-to-day and seasonal practicalities of running hives in any location, in the country or the city, and for colonies of all sizes. Understand Music Theory offers a practical approach which uses active learning to impart knowledge.

Suitable for complete beginners, and assuming no previous knowledge, each chapter includes examples, illustrations, clear explanations, tips and self-tests before moving on. It covers all the essential topics in music theory, from rhythm and pitch to intervals, major and minor scales and compound time signatures. It also goes beyond these basic concepts to more advanced theory such as harmony, tone colour and musical form, to provide a genuinely comprehensive introduction to music theory. The theoretical information is all backed up by plenty of practical exercises, and the book includes a CD with further practice activities, to consolidate your knowledge.

Make the Most of Your Caravan will show you how to get maximum value and enjoyment out of yours. Start Lesson 1 Take the quiz. More about the weather. Start Lesson 2 Take the quiz. Describing physical characteristics. Start Lesson 3 Take the quiz. More physical characteristics.

Start Lesson 4 Take the quiz. Where is she? Then you'll meet a nice young man who's looking for love! Start Lesson 5 Take the quiz. Where are they?

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In this lesson you'll search for more people. Then you'll learn how to ask where are they? Start Lesson 6 Take the quiz. Describing locations. Start Lesson 7 Take the quiz. Forms of transport. In this lesson you'll learn how to describe locations. But first, you'll take a look at some of the ways in which in the is used. Start Lesson 8 Take the quiz. The Police. Now you'll learn the words for police officer and teacher. Start Lesson 9 Take the quiz. Food, glorious food! Start Lesson 10 Take the quiz.

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Who is that? Start Lesson 11 Take the quiz. Food basics. Start Lesson 12 Take the quiz. On the …. Start Lesson 13 Take the quiz. More verbs.

Start Lesson 14 Take the quiz. Cutlery and crockery. Start Lesson 15 Take the quiz. The past tense and more verbs. Start Lesson 16 Take the quiz.

It is difficult to teach climate change

More than one. Start Lesson 17 Take the quiz. Start Lesson 18 Take the quiz. You'll also learn the words for there and how to ask where was he? Start Lesson 19 Take the quiz. Numbers and telling the time. You will also learn the word for clock and how to ask what time it is. The word in Gaelic for clock time is uair , e. What time is it?

Start Lesson 20 Take the quiz. Counting money. In this lesson you'll learn how to count money. Start Lesson 21 Take the quiz. Start Lesson 22 Take the quiz. Past tense verbs.

Start Lesson 23 Take the quiz. Past tense verbs in the negative. Start Lesson 24 Take the quiz. Telling the time.

Understand the Weather: Teach Yourself by Peter Inness | Trade Me

You'll also learn how to ask and answer the question what time did he come? Start Lesson 25 Take the quiz. You'll also learn how to ask a question in the negative by using nach do. Start Lesson 26 Take the quiz.

Understand The Weather: Teach Yourself

At school. In this lesson you'll learn words to describe school activities. Start Lesson 27 Take the quiz. Negative past tense verbs. Start Lesson 28 Take the quiz. Questions at school.

SELF INTRODUCTION - How to Introduce Yourself in English - Tell Me About Yourself Interview Answer

In this lesson you'll learn the words for all , any and some. Start Lesson 29 Take the quiz. Counting money from 7 to Start Lesson 30 Take the quiz. Start Lesson 31 Take the quiz. More groceries. Start Lesson 32 Take the quiz. More clothing. You'll also learn how to talk about putting them on. Start Lesson 33 Take the quiz. Everyday objects.

There are also lots of ideas for taking action on climate change including organising film screenings and writing to your MP. Pathways to education for sustainable development is a guide from the WWF that offers a whole-school approach to addressing sustainability in schools for staff who are interested in facilitating the process. The guide can be used as a whole resource, or activities can be used alone. The WWF has also created a teaching resource that looks at the impact of climate change on the Russian Arctic and paths to solving the problem. There's also a poster that explores climate change by looking at the impacts of human activity in Latin America and in the UK.

For more information, check out the Guardian's interactive resource, Everything you need to know about climate change. On a lighter note, Ditty Box: Tackling Climate Change is a teaching resource from the Poetry Society giving an adaptable lesson plan by poet Karen McCarthy Woolf around creating list poems on the theme of climate change. For primary pupils, Sunny Schools have created a pack of six lessons that look at topics including climate change, carbon footprints and renewable energy. The lessons can be used individually or together to create a whole topic. They are accompanied by activity sheets and photo-cards.

There's also an activity which looks at different people's opinions about climate change.