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In the human body arteries, the shell of the eye, the diaphragm, the skin or the pericardium are all shells as well. The papers cover a wide spectrum of scientific and engineering problems which are divided into seven broad groups: general lectures, theoretical modelling, stability, dynamics, bioshells, numerical analyses, and engineering design. The volume will be of interest to researchers and designers dealing with modelling and analyses of shell structures and thin-walled structural elements. Actual developments in the nonlinear shell theory — state of the art and new applications of the six-parameter shell theory H.

Nonlinear vibrations of shells: Experiments, simulations and applications M. An analytical solution to the problem of interaction of a circular plate with an inhomogeneous soft layer S. Aizikovich, A. Vasiliev, S. Volkov, B. On the surface vis impressa caused by a fluid-solid contact J. Badur, P. Zakrzewski, D. Banaszkiewicz, O.

Karczmarczyk, S. Nonclassical theories for bending analysis of orthotropic circular plate S. On the characterization of drilling rotation in the 6-parameter resultant shell theory M. On the effectiveness of higher-order terms in layer-wise shell models E. Carrera, A. The free material design of thin elastic shells S. Czarnecki, R. Czubacki, G. Theory of shells as a product of analytical technologies in elastic body mechanics V. On effective stiffness of a three-layered plate with a core filled with a capillary fluid V. Eremeyev, E. Ivanova, H.

General dynamic theory of micropolar elastic orthotropic multilayered thin shells A. Stationary deformation of compound shell structures under arbitrary loadings Y. Grigorenko, E. Ivannikov, C.

Some problems of modelling stability of thin functionally graded plates M. Comparison of various linear plate theories in the light of a consistent second-order approximation R. On jump conditions at non-material singular curves in the resultant shell thermomechanics V. Lazopoulos, K. Alnefaie, N. A plane stress elastic-plastic analysis of sheet metal cup deep drawing processes Z. Nowak, M. Thermoelasticity in a two-phase hollow cylinder with longitudinally graded material properties P.

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On refined constitutive equations in the six-field theory of elastic shells W. Continuum shell models for closed cage carbon nanoparticles M. Todt, F. Improving an inverse technique for characterisation of laminated plates M. Unsymmetric equilibrium states of inhomogeneous circular plates under normal pressure S.

Bauer, E.

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Non-linear stability analysis of a porous-cellular cylindrical panels T. A new approach to the buckling resistance assessment of pressurized spherical shells P. Effect of surface imperfections on axial load carrying capacity of a thin cylinder G. Brar, M. The suggestion of analysis methods to estimate minimum strength for elastic buckling of shell structures M. Non-linear patterns of bends and solitons on surfaces of loaded shells V. Artificial damping method for local instability problems in shells T. Kobayashi, Y. Buckling simulation of single layer graphene sheets by the molecular mechanics method S.

Korobeynikov, V. Alyokhin, B. Krasovsky, M. Thin-walled composite channel-section beams subjected to pure bending T. Deformation and buckling of axially compressed elastic cylindrical shells with transversal cut in experiments and numerical simulations O. Buckling of composite multilayered shells — an experimental analysis A.

Muc, A. Comparative buckling analysis of cylindrical steel silos with flat or corrugated sheets M. Sondej, M. Cylindrical shells under axial compression and simultaneous internal pressure: Buckling mechanics and EN-conforming design proposal M. Modelling of thin film buckling in compound specimens under uniaxial stretching F. Toth, F. Rammerstorfer, M. Influence of geometric imperfections on the local stability of thin-walled elements R. Walentynski, M. Buckling of encased liner under external pressure and the effects of voids in backfilling grout J. Wang, M.

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Nakano, Z. Improved knockdown factors for cylindrical shells using worst multi-perturbation load approach B. Wang, P. Hao, G. Li, K. Tian, X. Wang, X.

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Computations of critical load value of composite shell with random geometric imperfections K. Natural frequencies and modal shapes of composite cylindrical panels with local damages M. The problem of flutter of a non-symmetric non-homogeneous over thickness rectangular plate M. Rayleigh variational principle and vibrations of prestressed shells V.

Vibrations and buckling of cylindrical shell made of a general anisotropic elastic material S. Free vibrations of continuously inhomogeneous cylindrical bodies A. Dynamic response of FGM thin-walled plate structure subjected to a thermal pulse loading J.

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Static and dynamic analysis of shear deformable composite shells of revolution by semi-analytical approach A. Nonlinear vibrations of laminated shells with layers of variable thickness L. Parametric vibrations and dynamic instability of thin laminated plates with complex form L. Kurpa, O.

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Homotopy perturbation solution for strong geometrical nonlinear vibration of flat prestressed orthotropic membrane structure C. Liu, X. Yang, H. Numerical analyses of explosive shape influence on steel I-beam behaviour subjected to pressure wave L. Mazurkiewicz, D. Kolodziejczyk, J. Malachowski, M. Klasztorny, K. Preliminary assessment of correlation between vibrations and buckling load of stainless steel cylinders E.

Skukis, K. Eigenvalue analysis of graphene plates embedded into the elastic Pasternak foundation M. Application of a three-field dual-mixed variational principle to modeling cylindrical shell problems in elastodynamics B. Variational Formulations of Vekua-type shell theories and some of their applications S.