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I knew I would get through it. When she learned she had endometrial cancer , Tina Silas says she cried, but not for long. When she turned 50 and began having irregular periods and heavy bleeding , she chalked it up to symptoms of menopause. She went back to the doctor and had several tests, including an endometrial biopsy.

I was happy to know there was a diagnosis. She had complications after the surgery that required dozens of blood transfusions and a hospital stay of several weeks.

Wings of Hope

Silas will start radiation treatments soon. When her hair began to fall out from chemotherapy, Silas visited her local American Cancer Society office in Greenbelt, Maryland, and was given 2 wigs and a hat. But she quickly decided to go bald instead. Once she saw a photo of a woman with a stylish hairdo and asked her daughter, a hair stylist, to fix her hair that way. After getting a funny look from her daughter, Silas remembered she was bald. Silas now thinks she may keep it short even after her hair grows back. Silas says she also found comfort in her support system and her faith.

Hope, Optimism Reduce Psychological Distress in Advanced Cancer

My family, friends and church family with their fervent prayers helped me stay in high spirts and kept me alive. It takes a village! If you need help or information, please call us at or use live chat for the quickest response. Cancer touches all of us, but for people in low- and middle-income countries, like Rosario, the prospects are even scarier.

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Thankfully, your gifts through The Max Foundation give Rosario and countless others a chance to live beyond their cancer. We know that treatment alone is not enough. Fighting stigma, educating patients on managing their disease, and emotional support are all vital to see patients survive and live happily despite their diagnosis. You can make an impact by giving patients access to these necessary support channels.

Rosario is like many patients who have turned their cancer diagnosis into a force for good. Whether it's through starting a support groups, advocating for patient rights, or simply joining the network of global patients facing cancer, we have seen leaders rise up and champion the global effort to support all people facing cancer.

Because of your support, I now dedicate my life to helping people here in Mexico face cancer.

About Us: Cancer Hope Network

Thank you for your support! Join Rosario on the patient journey. My name is Rosario and I live in the town of Morelia in Mexico, where I love to play piano and follow the latest fashion trends! A cancer diagnosis is never expected. One summer, after feeling ill, I visited my doctor to see what was wrong. I was devastated and afraid.

Access to treatment is access to life. At first I worried that I would not survive my cancer. But my doctor reassured me that treatment was available for me. I learned how The Max Foundation is supporting people like me who cannot afford the treatment I needed to live.

Going beyond medication.