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Function f x is shown in the table at the right. Substitute into the formula:. The average rate of change is 6 over 1, or just 6. The y -values change 6 units every time the x -values change 1 unit, on this interval. Function g x is shown in the graph at the right.

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The y -values change 1 unit every time the x -values change 3 units, on this interval. Solution: a In the formula, , the numerator top is measured in feet and the denominator bottom is measured in seconds.

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This ratio is measured in feet per second, which will be the velocity of the ball. NOTE: The re-posting of materials in part or whole from this site to the Internet is copyright violation and is not considered "fair use" for educators. Please read the " Terms of Use ". Think of a 10 mile car trip. If I tell you it took exactly 20 minutes to make the trip, then can you tell me my speed at any point in the journey? Desert road Photo by William Warby. But what does this number represent?

I may not have been traveling a constant 30 mph the entire trip, but if you smoothed out all of the slow and fast parts, then on average I was going 30 mph. In Calculus, most formulas have to do with functions. So let f x be a function. The average rate of change of a function f on a given interval [ a , b ] is:. In fact, they are the same formula!

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Suppose now we specify that the point b is exactly h units to the right of a. How does this change our formula? If you replace a by x to make it more like a function , and allow the difference h to approach 0 by taking a limit, then you get the definition of derivative of the function.

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So hereassuming I am interpreting your function correctly with the extra set of parenthesesyou get:. The number above is the slope of this line. The original function is shown in blue. Note how the axes are scaled though.

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