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However one does not delve into the Maze alone, she drum up a rag tag band of followers to help her along the way. What lurks below the town and what secrets do the monsters have there? I liked it, though there were some spelling errors and it seemed to ramble on at times. So, is the entire series about this group of adventurers, or are there several?

Really inspired by Wizardry and Etrian Odyssey. If you find spelling errors please tell me, I did my best to find most of them that escaped the spellcheck. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Akashic Table:. Books on the Plate. Gygax and his friend Rob Kuntz further developed this campaign setting, and by , the lands within a radius of 50 miles had been mapped in depth, and the lands within a radius of approximately miles were in outline form. For more information about the first days of Gygax's home campaign, see Greyhawk. Following yet more work, in Gygax agreed to publish his world and decided to redevelop Oerth from scratch.

Once he had sketched out the entire planet to his satisfaction, [2] [3] one hemisphere of Oerth was dominated by a massive continent called Oerik. He found that, using the scale he desired, he could fit only the northeast corner of Oerik on two of the sheets.

Epub Advanced Dungeons

Gygax also added many more new regions, countries and cities, bringing the number of political states to Needing original placenames for all of the geographical and political places on his map, Gygax sometimes resorted to wordplay based on the names of friends and acquaintances. For instance, Perrenland was named after Jeff Perren , who co-wrote the rules for Chainmail with Gygax; Urnst was a homophone of Ernst his son Ernie ; and Sunndi was a near-homophone of Cindy, another of Gygax's children.

From Gygax's prototype map, Darlene Pekul , a freelance artist in Lake Geneva, [11] developed a full colour map on a hex grid. Gygax was so pleased with the end result that he quickly switched his home Greyhawk campaign over to the new world he had created. This map formed the basis of the World of Greyhawk when it was published as the page The World of Greyhawk folio in Gygax also developed a thousand-year history for the Flanaess that involved a series of cultural and military invasions: the peaceful Flannae had been pushed out by the warlike Suloise; the Suloise in turn had been pushed out by the noble Oeridians, who set up a Great Kingdom of peace and prosperity.

However, by CY the year Gygax chose for his setting , the Oeridian empire had grown decadent and evil, and many subservient regions were rising up in rebellion.

In , after Gygax had been forced out of TSR, the storyline of the Flanaess was moved forward a decade by the From the Ashes boxed set, which dealt with the aftermath of wide-ranging conflict known as The Greyhawk Wars. The massive multiplayer Living Greyhawk campaign, which started in , used The Adventure Begins as a starting point, and advanced the timeline of the campaign ahead one year for each of real-world time.

For example, in , the campaign year was CY. In , it was CY.

As well as being home to a number of demihuman and humanoid races , it is also inhabited by the Suel , Bakluni , Oerid , and Flan subraces of humanity. The Oerid once inhabited the plains of Central Oerik, but moved into what is now known as Ull starting 1, years ago. The Oeridians settled in much of the Flanaess, often conquering and assimilating the Flan natives and Suel settlers, though some lands, such as the Sheldomar Valley and Vale of Luna, were settled more peacefully.

The Flanaess can be broken down geographically as follows: the Baklunish Basin in the northwest, the Empire of Iuz in the north, the Thillonrian Peninsula in the northeast, the Sea of Dust in the far west, the Sheldomar Valley in the west, old Ferrond and its southern frontier including the City of Greyhawk at the center of the Flanaess, old Sulm and the Aerdy frontier to the east, the old Great Kingdom to the far east, and the Amedio Jungle to the southwest.

Except in the far north, temperatures reach below zero only in the winter months of Sunsebb and Fireseek and sometimes at night in late autumn and early spring.


Even then temperatures seldom dip far below 0. The northeast and central regions of the Flanaess are the coldest, with winters extending into Ready'reat and Readying. The warm currents of the Dramidj Ocean moderate the climate of the lands that border it. Summer typically lasts five or more months.

Prevailing winds blow from the northeast in winter and autumn and from the southeast the rest of the year. Wintry northern winds are sometimes known as " Telchur 's breath," while easterly winds are sometimes called " Atroa 's laugh.