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You might also want to keep a travel sized hand sanitizer bottle handy in your pocket, purse, or car so you can apply a bit whenever you are unable to thoroughly wash your hands. You or a loved one should inspect fixtures and outlets for weather damage and replace burnt-out bulbs. Good lighting can protect you against crime and falls or accidents caused by darkness. Avoid the temptation to warm the kitchen with a gas range or an open oven door. The unvented products of combustion can quickly build to toxic levels. Exercise caution with tender annuals coleus, impatiens, zinnia , basil one of the last to go outside , and other plants that need warm temperatures.

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If they show no signs of stress wilt , leave them outside a while longer. Give them direct sunlight, but be careful not to burn them in unusually high temperatures and strong sun. Plants that need some shade in the summer usually tolerate or enjoy a few hours of direct sun, on cool days, in late winter through mid spring.

Gradually lengthen the amount of time the plants spend outside in the sun and breeze. Keep the seedlings damp to moist, but not wet. Check them periodically for wilt. The plants will dry out much faster in warm sunshine and moving air. Finally, if the weather is suitable, have a planting party! Bring them inside in the afternoon, if a drop in temperature is expected. Soon, the plants will be able to stay outside at night, if the temperature is within their range of tolerance.

This is often the case with home-grown seedlings, which might not have been receiving enough direct sunlight indoors. Seedlings grown in inadequate light will not have a strong root system, and will not be able to supply enough water to the leaves. Hardening off these kinds of plants, in the end, might not be worth the time and effort.

Photograph above shows a 6-tube light fixture positioned several inches above potted plants. As long as the lights are on for at least 12 hours per day, the seedlings will grow into strong plants. Plants grow beautifully under artificial light, close to the tubes, but not so close that they could feel any heat. They never see a cloudy day! However, they will require hardening off, gradually exposing them to wind and natural sunshine. Otherwise, even these sturdy plants will wilt from the stress of sudden exposure to the elements. Perhaps the garden center took care of that for you by keeping them outdoors, exposed to wind, rain, and sunshine.

After all, many gardeners purchase their plants and have them in the garden within the hour.

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With a favorable forecast, consider planting new purchases in late afternoon or in the evening to lessen the shock. If plants require hardening off, limit the process to as short a period of time as possible.

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As our average nighttime temperatures rise, the likelihood of frost diminishes. But we must be prepared for that dreaded surprise, when the temperatures plummet lower than the weather forecaster predicted.

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Okay for kale transplants, but not okay for okra or Thai basil! Properly hardened cool season vegetables and greens planted now should do very well. In fact, they could have been planted a month ago with no problem! The cool season vegetables in the garden have been producing non-stop since the fall, after the tomatoes and peppers were pulled out.

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Love these mild winters! Their little patch sits right against the south-facing wall of the house, in a comfortable microclimate. Most garden centers still have a good supply of these biennials, which complete their life cycle in 2 seasons. After being sown in mid to late summer, viola and pansy seedlings grow and flower in autumn, often blooming over the winter and again in spring.

Pansies planted in the fall can go dormant or semi-dormant in the cold winter months, emerging and blooming again as it warms up. In severely cold seasons, or in most of the northern half of the country zone 5 or colder , they just die. Violas , the smaller cousins of the pansy, are more likely to survive in areas up to two zones colder than pansies prefer. Also, their flower buds are more durable than those of pansies and bounce back quickly after a freeze.

Furthermore, violas tolerate partial sunlight, whereas pansies need more sun. For both of these plants, the more hours of direct sun they receive, the more flowers they will have. Pansies and violas family Violaceae need acidic soil that drains well. Overwatering can result in root rot diseases, which will kill the plants.

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Fertilize every 6 to 8 weeks, while they are actively blooming. Sometimes, however, you can spot small seedlings sprouting in late summer, near where they used to grow. Still in full bloom in the middle of July , they had to be removed to make room for scaevola, the heat-tolerant fanflower. Fewer plants are required to fill a bed, but I like to use them in baskets or at the edge of a combination pot.

But snapdragons, dusty miller, and dianthus that have undergone hardening off are probably safe to plant in the next 2 weeks.

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Here , that is! Not in Wayne, Maine, or in Helena, Montana! These plants can be added to the garden in the fall, in areas with mild winters.

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They regrow in the spring, and might come back for one or two years. Many other cultivars of dianthus cousins of the carnation are longer-lived perennials and can be found in garden centers spring through fall. A hardy annual I have yet to see this year is Diascia , also called twin-spur. Its flowers come in white and in shades of pink, reddish, and orange. The foliage is fine in texture, falling over the edge of a container. It performs best in cool weather, tolerating light frost, and sun.

Decades ago, before the hybrids became available, I grew seeds ordered from Thompson and Morgan. Another genus that is difficult to find as plants is toadflax Linaria. It has a vertical habit, comes in a wide range of colors, and tolerates cool weather. Next to go outside are osteospermum, lobularia, lobelia, calibrachoa, and petunia transplants. Or cover them with an old sheet, raised off the foliage. Thorough soil preparation to improve drainage helps. Plant tips can freeze where the cloth touches them. Most trees are difficult to protect because of their size, but constructing a PVC frame for them, or putting tall pieces of wood, pipe or metal around them to support a protective covering will be helpful.

You also can swaddle trees with frost cloth. Wrapping your plants with Christmas lights can provide just that. They are designed to not produce heat. Make sure they are designed for outdoor use. A number of chemical products also are on the market that can help plants survive the cold. Products sold under brands such as Wilt-Pruf and Cloud Cover are anti-transpirants.

They form a thin, flexible film on the plant that allows it to breath but reduces water loss and provides some protection against frost. If frost or freezing weather is forecast, water all of your plants — except for your succulents — well.